We love to hear the sounds of birds chirping, watch their delicate wings move through the whiffs of fresh air, feed them, or simply cherish their companionship. But, just sometimes, when the concerns about uncleanliness and structural harm begin to affect our state of mind, we are bound to feel stressed and watch our peace of mind slip away.
In fact, some bird species can indeed be considered a real nuisance for premises. Besides causing structural harm, pest birds can spread various pest-borne diseases and pose health hazards, too.
The latest field testing of sonic colored noise shows the birds habituate after a few months even though the sounds are unnatural. This is because as one bird habituates other birds may learn the noise is meaningless and not a real threat. During nesting season sounds have proven almost totally ineffective to birds foraging for extra food no matter the sounds.
For sonic units, long-term effectiveness increases with sophisticated digital sound reproduction played in random sequences and intervals. Other static sound methods with limited effectiveness that birds may adapt quickly to include ultrasonic devices designed for enclosed or semi-enclosed areas. In theory, ultrasonic waves will annoy birds to stop them from entering and remaining in areas such as warehouses, parking garages, and loading docks. These products are not harmful to birds, yet their effectiveness is debatable, as bird are believed to have similar hearing abilities as humans. Thus, studies have shown effectiveness is very low within months of initial contact when using ultrasonic sound generators to prevent birds from inhabiting an area. If just placed in situ and left, audible bird scarers can easily become ineffective. However, when managed on an ongoing basis or used as part of a greater bird deterrent system, sound methods can deliver partial results for low-level bird activity. Audible bird scarers are ineffective once birds have already nested.
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For the residential sector we have a range of products catering to the type of bird or animal menace faced. The devices that are recommended for domestic use are as given below.