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38 years of research and development in bird repellent technology have made BirdGard the world leader in electronic bird control. University trials and extensive field tests have proven BirdGard to be highly effective at safely and humanely controlling pest birds. “Bird Repellents that Get Rid of Birds”!

BirdGard electronic bird control products use natural survival instincts of birds to effectively get rid of birds from crops, orchards, barns, feedlots, airports, boats, marinas, homes and buildings. Digital recordings of distressed, injured and alarmed birds, along with the attack sounds made by their natural predators are broadcast through high-fidelity weather-resistant speakers. This triggers a primal fear and flee response. Pest birds soon relocate to where they can feed without feeling threatened.

Effective Bird Control Systems‚Äč

Birds live in an interdependent social structure. They use audible calls to signal danger from one member to the larger flock. BirdGard can control an entire flock of thousands of birds and make them change direction when they approach a protected area. Sophisticated random features prevent birds from becoming accustomed to the sounds. All BirdGard electronic bird control products are backed by a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Select your area of use to learn more about controlling birds electronically by using BirdGard Devices. BirdGard effectively controls more than 200 different bird species. BirdGard is used worldwide to control birds in crops, orchards, vineyards, barns, livestock operations, poultry farms, dairies, fish hatcheries, Koi ponds, airports and airfields, marinas, docks, boats, yards, gardens, patios, power stations, warehouses, industrial plants and buildings.

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