India’s #1 Selling
Bird Deterrents &
Aviation Products

Bird Gard uses real bird distress calls to trigger a primal fear-and-flee response so you can keep birds out, guaranteed!

India’s #1 Selling
Bird Deterrents &
Aviation Products

Bird Gard uses real bird distress calls to trigger a primal fear-and-flee response so you can keep birds out, guaranteed!

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BirdGard specializes in pest control products for viticulture, commercial and industrial buildings, horticulture, agriculture, aviation, marina/offshore including boats, yachts & ships, mining and domestic bird and pest problems.

We are Certified for Audit of Airport Wildlife Hazard Mangement

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What Customers Say About Us

Sr Warehouse Manager
Sr Warehouse ManagerITC – PSPD Hyderabad
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“We had approx. 25 Pigeons roosting in the structures of our Finished Goods Warehouse at Hyderabad. The mess they made in the warehouse in addition to the loss of products was quite colossal. It was embarrassing each time we went into inspections.

Two simple “Pigeon Gard” speaker systems were installed by BirdGard India in May 2012 as recommended by the BirdGard representative and it has proven to be extremely effective. The pigeons disappeared in 2 weeks flat and haven’t returned. So far the equipment is working perfectly and has kept the Pigeons out of the warehouse.

Thankyou BirdGard “(Aug 2012)
Haridasan V
Haridasan VBangalore International Airport Limited
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This is to inform you that we have completed 3 months of usage of StrykerAV system for our bird monitoring and movement pattern analysis. This system enabled us to get real time data on mobile as well as on the system to guide instructions to field staff for effective management.

This is very user friendly system can log the details from any corner of the airport and this enable us to get the real picture of the bird movement happening across the airport. The outsourced team of bird watchers use this very effectively even the data is captured at offline and gets it updated when resumes the connection.

Overall we thank the Bird Guard team in introducing this system into Avaiation.
Vijay Gaonkar
Vijay GaonkarMumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd
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We had installed 03 BirdGard equipments “Super Pro Amp” at CSI Airport, Mumbai on Aug 2016. Since then, Wildlife Team is continuously monitoring the bird activity and maintaining the bird count specially in the vicinity of to the installed devices areas. We had found that the there is progress in reduction of bird counts in the vicinity of to the devices.
Kiran Kumar Varr
Kiran Kumar VarrManager - WOW Express ITC Gardenia
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I have made a visit to one of our ITC PSPD facility in Hyderabad, Bollarum.

I noticed the Mock Eagle flying at the factory shop floor entrance and also found the Factory premises completely free of birds. As we were having problems with pigeons at our hotels, i asked them how they were able to keep the place free of birds.

It was then that i was explained how they got the place free of birds with help from BirdGard. I then spoke to Mr Raman and got quotes for 3 of our hotels and recommended the same internally.

I would recommend that you send one of your personnel to ITC PSPD Bollarum for a site visit. Seeing is believing. This way you can take a informed / involved decision.

I feel they are well competent to handle the bird menace in a harmless manner to the birds.
Jana kholova
Jana kholovaIcrisat
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thanks so much for reminding me about replying you! we are in the middle of harvests so days are a bit tight:-) Indeed, we have installed the balloons to stop peacocks from entering the field when the plants are small (they like just lying in the canopy in the morning) - and that appears to work - at least for time being. The sound chips - the sound chips look very effective.

The ultrasound works excellent against small rodents (rats, mice, squirrels) but doesn’t work against rabbits, porcupine much (there we need to put fencing and there is no another option). But, one unforeseen result is, that ultrasound seems to make the small rodents to move quite permanently as they are not seen for several weeks even after we “remove the device”, which is marvellous.

Altogether, the solutions you have provided appears to significantly ease our work - frankly, I didn’t expect that much and if pests don’t get habituated and if we continue in this way, we will be quite happy.

Thanks and wishing you Peaceful Christmas time.