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Pigeon / Bird Management

Facades of buildings and insides of warehouses are an inviting and ideal roosting places for Homing Pigeons.

Pigeon ProblemRecommendations are made by our expert staff taking into account the environment, nature, structure and the foliage surroundings within the building structure. There is no foolproof solution of bird control in the current environment, however early implementation of recommended Birdgard devices will protect the building / warehouse from becoming a permanent roosting environment. BirdGard equipment when installed can control bird movement within manufacturing units, protecting the structures from droppings and nests thus providing a substantial control over Pigeons. Pigeons have been a major problem in hotels, resorts, commercial and industrial buildings for some time, not only because of the mess they create but for the damage they cause to buildings, packaging, and also the production losses from their droppings. They also cause potential health risk to people working in their close vicinity.

Solution for Bird DroppingsBird droppings are not only messy but are highly corrosive specially when in contact with the elements of weather causing discolouring of paint finishes, decking and patio furniture. The longer bird droppings are left on surfaces, the greater the damage, and the harder it is to remove.

'Rats of the sky' has become a much used term for them nowadays. As well as being socially unacceptable culling them has proved to be ineffective in the long run, as numbers return to 'normal' in time and you're back where you started. Not to forget a mating pair lay two to three eggs every two months.

Bird Gard India has several products which will remove and Control pigeons from their roosts and protect the structure from being a mature roosting area infested with pigeons.

Targeted Ultrasonics/Bio Acoustics: 

BirdGard repels nuisance birds by combining their ultrasonic and sonic distress calls, danger calls and harassment sounds with the sounds of predator birds specific to their species. This creates a hostile environment and causes the birds to relocate to a safer location.

Unique Anti-Habituation Technology: 

BirdGard incorporates a unique patented state-of-the-art technology to prevent birds becoming habituated. Not just one but FOUR random modes are built in to prevent habituation:

Durable and Versatile: 

BirdGard systems have a completely weather proof NEMA rated control box. An automatic Dawn-ON Dusk-OFF option can be activated by a built in photocell. The units can be powered from both mains and/or battery for added versatility.

Scientifically Proven:

Over 25 years of research and development in bird repellent technology have made BirdGard the world leader in electronic bird control. University trials and extensive field testing have proven BirdGard to be a highly effective method of safely and humanely repelling pest birds. You could visit any of the under listed websites and read or watch videos of the testimonials given by a variety of industries across the globe.

Bird Management is a continuous team effort, as we are dealing with nature. By following through with our expert advice and recommendations you will most definitely save a lot through reductionof your production losses, both financially as well as by protecting your premises.

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