BirdGard specializes in pest control products for viticulture, commercial and industrial buildings, horticulture, agriculture, aviation, marina / offshore including boats, yachts & ships, mining and domestic bird and pest problems.

The products are broadly catogerised and listed below under the heads of:

  1. Commercial and Industrial Building Products
  2. Aviation Products
  3. Residential Products
  4. Horiculture Bird Control products

Commercial and Industrial Building Products

BirdGard has developed pest and bird control devices specifically for commercial and industrial buildings. Birds like pigeons are common pests around office buildings and warehouses. Bird Gard has engineered ultrasonic bird control devices which can't be heard by human ears so they wont disturb people working in the buildings.

Aviation Products


BirdGard has a range of airport bird scarers to prevent bird strikes at airfields and airports. Bird strikes to aircraft can cause severe damage and have resulted in fatalities. In the USA alone, it is estimated that bird strikes cost over $300 million in damage to aircraft each year and have been the cause of over 300 deaths. Collisions between birds and aircraft will always occur but the risk of severe damage can be reduced with the proper application of bird control techniques. BirdGard airport bird scarers are essential to flight safety and is inexpensive compared to the potential risks and possibility of litigation.

Residential Use: Bird Control Products

Horticulture Bird Control Products

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