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For nearly 20 years BirdGard has trialed, developed and researched ultrasonic and sonic methods of pest & bird control that are non-harmful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly & humane. BirdGard specializes in the use of ultrasonic, sonic & laser technology,a convenient, effective and humane approach for driving birds away from areas where they are not wanted, in our pest & bird control products. We have spent years designing and developing sonic & ultrasonic microchip technology and we now have a worldwide reputation for unique, versatile pest control products for almost any situation.

Introducing StrykerAV for Aviation Safety

Benefits of using StrykerAV:StrykerAV

Bird Gard in India

BirdGard is the only electronic bird & pest control company with the knowledge, experience, products and most importantly the SOUNDS that will suit your bird or pest problem. Successful in countries like Australia, USA, Indonesia and parts of Europe, starting 2010, BirdGard products are now available in India. Whether it is flight safety or protecting your warehouses and crops from birds and rodents Bird Gard products have been proved to work.

Benefits of using BirdGard products include:Pigeon Menace

We provide a full audit and solutions for Aviation and Commercial Industries

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